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Who and why killed the President of Poland?

Who and why killed the President of Poland?
Monday, 26 April (2010) | Valdis Raven

'A black day for Poland': The death toll included the country's President and wife, its central bank head and the country's military chief along with other senior government and military figures

How far do not believe in coincidences, especially when they are attached to big business and politics, the kind of events as the death of Polish senior officials do not consider the incident and the accidental coincidence of circumstances, regardless of who made it publicly and officially claimed. The last public news brought to it only confirms.

President Lech Kaczyński with his wife Maria and little daughter Marta back in the 1980s.

Few knowledgeable observer from the sidelines is not possible to judge the events of this kind of absolute truth and absolute certainty classes, because they contain too many unknowns, the likelihood of interest, falsification, lies, and other underwater rocks, which are able to deceive even the supposedly 'smart' and 'knowledgeable "people, let alone nezinātājus, so the only way to even realize what the truth is likely to use version and assumption method, trying to watch the events as widely as possible. It also will try to do.

Jarosław Kaczyński and Lech Kaczyński


After publicly come videotaped, which is heard shots and seen the possible survivors, the author of this video - Ukrainian journalist Andrew Medereja rapid realization of killing two occasions and at little or no grave silence of official authorities about these events, I have in mind comes in three possible versions of the murder performers.

First, I think the most plausible version is that this specoperāciju took some foreign countries, such as the Anglo-Saxon, or special services specifically for such purposes on a very big money hired a private drošībnieku kantorītis. Simple idea - reckon with the Polish senior management and all the blame placed on Russia. This version of the beginning seemed to me probable, but the latter fact makes it unlikely - too many suspicious circumstances points to Russia's participation in the power structure took place (drošībnieki came first before the fire did not come fast at all, the Russian FSB behavior in preventing the shooting scene, soldiers lamp change, long victims' bodies and the black boxes keeping to himself, little or no immediate statement that no one has survived, although such an emergency (landing) often tend to survive and have a sufficient number of bodies of victims who are not mutilated beyond recognition, finally, a video from the scene immediately after the accident, which presents both the survivors, hear the Polish language and shots). And it all reinforces the official Russian authorities to silence. Summing all the above I find it hard to imagine that it could do a third effort from the edge, more like the Russian special services operations, the more serious mistake in the course and so far the prevailing confusion and uncertainty on how best to act to correct the error as something.

The second version - this operation independently of their management decision, made Russian special services. Although the facts show that the operation could not be done without Russia's participation in special services, there are several things that makes me doubt whether this was done by Russia alone, and whether it was a little Russian management decision. The biggest doubt I have to make it, that this kind of attack on Poland from the Russian side is very dangerous and long term, she had a detrimental step. Yes, theoretically it was possible to do more pure, but a shadow of doubt always remain, especially given the fact that the special services of different countries sufficiently closely monitor each other and the operation of this scale could not be prepared so that it does not reach other special services, as the case may be safely assumed that those in need, this shadow of doubt will remain and will be used to achieve its objectives. But it means that Russia will further aggravate the already bad relations with its closest neighbors, and a misunderstanding of hate and fear encirclement around the circle of its borders, becoming much stronger. Under these circumstances, to realize even a partial global domination and domination ambitions that Russia has undoubtedly become much more difficult.

But perhaps the doubts are unfounded and that the Russian leadership is nesaprātīgāka netālredzīgāka and how I feel. In a sense, simple, direct and conduct of back talk is a Russian-style. If the Poles forever lecīgie dare to threaten Gazprom's monopoly on the market and gives the green light to U.S. missile deployment on its territory, a direct threat to Russia's military security, then why this problem quickly and simply not address, uncomfortable removing the Polish leadership. The next will be easier to arrange and the other afraid. If already in Anglo-Saxon can be used for atomic bomb with impunity, simulating the major terrorist attacks, free to invade a foreign country, artificially cause civil wars, murder civilians, to engage in and make another narkobiznesu all sorts of other forms of villainy, why the Russians could not reckon with a handful of unsolicited neighbor itself the politicians.

The third version - Polish president was killed by Russian special services manually, but after another forces a decision. This could be done either by directly talking with the Russian leadership, and, literally hiring Russian special services as a killer, or indirectly, izprovocējot to such action. If izprovocēšanas version is correct, then history is repeating and the Russian leadership has fallen into similar traps as Stalin once, fully relying on the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the war in Western Europe. Stalin's errors had the effect of 22 June, neuzvarēšana war, huge losses and the avoidance of defeat just barely. Polish Prime killing effect may be a sharp increase in antikrievisku sentiment abroad, and increased frustration within the country until the fall of the regime and the Russian collapse. The disadvantage of this version shows large foreign press, including the Polish, the silence of the facts and clues, to suggest the killing of the President of Poland, and Poland, the silent work of the investigators and position. In turn, this argues in favor of the version that the attack on Poland in several countries special services consistent result, but the Russians had been entrusted with the black working and dedicated to scapegoat when an operation fails to progress as well as planned.


A piece of the wreckage of a Polish government Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft that crashed lies on the ground near Smolensk airport. (Getty Images)

The Polish president was interesting and very inconvenient for many of the personality. Tended to be direct, say what you think, apparently organized at the time of remorse and most importantly - the ability to think independently. International community's apparent leaders crowd the properties are not very popular, the average head of state is presentable for the functions of higher purity climber, whose role is to look good, sweet talk and listen to their benefactor, advisers and consultants. Independent thinking, let alone any action outside the politicians' responsibility. Lech Kaczynski was an exception in this respect and that he was embarrassing the Brussels bureaucrats, both Russians and Germans, and Anglo-American and international corporations, as well as the Polish government elites who are willing noupurētu a public interest in personal interests. Kaczynski policy outcome is still economically strong Poland, even the global economic crisis has failed to stop the Polish economic growth.

While the public is told that the global financial crisis is overcome, and appears the first signs of recovery, the truth is another - the world's financial system continues to be the eve of the collapse and the meltdown has been temporarily suspended, bringing the total national loan volume, and reducing the country as the Latvian economic activity. This has allowed both to temporarily suspend the sharp fall in world economy, but also lead to the recovery characteristics of major world economies.

International community's problem, the challenge and the challenge is the current, already exhausted itself in the world economy model, which in the foreseeable future is doomed to extinction. The world economy is either radically modified, either let it fall apart and built anew, or to restart, and then again to some time to live peacefully. The problem is simple - some way to write all the debts, without causing mass discontent, disorder and the de-motivation, and eliminated or significantly limit the expansionary nature of the economic system. As one of the most effective debt write-offs and the economic system restarts types are large and devastating wars (world wars, for example), large-scale lethal epidemics and huge natural disasters. International community has sufficient resources to induce each of these phenomena, but each of which involves certain risks to humanity and the international community's own existence, and each of them requires some preparations. Therefore, until everything will be invented, planned and prepared, it is necessary to extend the moribund world of economic life. And Poland in this respect is very appropriate.

Poland is strong, with debt still too much neapkrauta economy. If Poland realize part of what was done in Latvian, the world economy, and economically more advanced countries to get a new addition to the economic jolt. Lech Kaczynski and his companions, of course, in any case, something to avoid. It is also likely to be one of the main Polish president and the Polish Central Bank Head of the murder of reasons. The first, which will soon be able to expect that the most important posts in Poland will be put either "own" (that is a foreign special services are more or less directly exposed), or a defective independently wealthy and unable to judge a person who knows how to just listen to other advice and are necessary is easy to change (these people and the soil it came to power ought to be prepared in advance). Next, if this incident will not be used as a pretext for Plan B, a major tensions or even karina uzspēlēšanai with Russia, then after a while we hear about "the serious economic problems in Poland," to which, of course, will blame the wrong Kaczynski economic policy and why, Poland will take a huge an international loan.

Another interesting fact. Shortly after the Polish President's plane crashes suddenly brightened Icelandic volcano, stopping air traffic throughout Europe, and completely eliminating the world community's attention from the Polish President's assassination. A very good coincidence.

Kaczyński, Lech: with his twin brother

Superpower of all time have taken and the study of natural phenomena to be able to anticipate and manage them. A man can izdzenāt clouds, creating fog, turn the river water, stop the oceans and much more. For all the technological possibilities of humanity knows only a narrow range of people, but from what is known, can be concluded that there is technology, both for calling from earthquakes and hurricanes for the creation and are also likely to activate the volcano. For example, in Russia in the Caucasus is a secret scientific research bases deep inside the mountain, which are studied and performed experiments on earthquake prediction and management. Largely because of these military bases to Russia is important to maintain a direct influence part of the Caucasus region. After one of the versions Spitakas earthquake in 1988 caused the military base was carried out in this experiment. Also recently, the public came the news that an earthquake caused the Haitian from U.S. military bases in Alaska. It is therefore possible to joke about the fact that someone has turned on the volcano is not no joke, Iceland have long been both the U.S. bases, which cover can take appropriate actions, as well as quiet and peaceful living conditions in some of its key sites around the typically Anglo-Saxon form.

The operation is executed, Poland's top management has been successfully eliminated, but everything happened so smoothly as the organizers wished. Some of his profession faithfully journalists, just interested and the possibilities offered by the Internet gave his - in full disguise foot diversantiem failed and most likely will no longer fail. So, although the international community and the special services may be more, but they're not all-powerful, and they are wrong, their options are limited, and even one man's active, brave, wise and selfless actions can alter or even disrupt their plans.

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